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Just want to clarify some issues regarding spoilers:

#1. Leaks and anything that has not been officially released are considered spoilers. (So, no. Anything officially released by Nickelodeon are not considered spoilers at _lok, even though the show hasn't started airing yet. smh @ the wait. this pain is just to real. there's just too much that time cannot erase, etc, etc.)
#2. Posts with spoilers HAVE to be tagged under spoilers and be under the LJ-cut. Read more about LJ-cuts here.

#3 Spoilers in comments?  
  • If the post already has a spoiler warning, feel free to post your spoilery content in the comments.
  • If the post DOES not have a spoiler warning, please post your spoilers under the spoiler-cut :
    [~Spoiler test test. Click me~]
    (It's similar to how LJ-cut werqs)

Tq to kevinmchalefor teaching me this tbh!

The LJ-cut is the first button and the spoiler-cut is the third one.

#4. If you're not sure whether your post contains spoilers, just tag them under the spoiler tag and leave a spoiler warning outside the cut (e.g. THIS POST MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!!) to be on the safe side.
#5. Guise, be nice and think about your other fellow ontd_lok members, so please follow these rules. ^_^ Tq.

Tbh, I don't want to be too strict on you guise because the reason why i made this comm in the first place is for people like me to have a safe place to go "OMG. I NEED TO TALK ABOUT KORRA RN" but we have to be considerate to the other members who are trying to avoid spoilers too.

However... to those who are trying to avoid spoilers, sorry but I cannot ensure you that you'll be able to avoid all spoilers in this comm. As stated in our profile page, we're not a spoiler-free comm and a lot of us tend to get overexcited and slip up by posting spoilers in the comments without warning. If you truly want to avoid ALL spoilers, ontd_lok is not a safe place for that tbh. :l

If you think I missed out anything, feel free to leave a comment.
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