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Final Speculation Post of Book One

Hello, my darlings, and welcome to the last speculation post of the season. All indications point to the finale being truly epic; I certainly hope it lives up to our expectations! Here are the clips and trailers we have so far:
- Finale trailer that aired immediately after 1.09 and 1.10
- Shortened version of that trailer, with a couple different shots
- "Dinner in Hiding" clip
- Korra and Mako conversation clip
- TV spot - Does anyone have a link to a better-quality version of this?

Meanwhile, there are very few stills we have yet to see in the show. The images of Meelo and Jinora from Bryan's Tumblr were in 1.10. These storyboards by Ryu are the only thing we probably haven't seen, and come to think of it, they might not even be from this season. They could also be from one the episodes we've seen, but spaced out in such a way we might not recognize the scenes (they could possibly be from 1.10, for example).

We know that:
- General Iroh (Dante Basco) will be in the finale. He is Zuko's grandson; Mike and Bryan designed him to be a swashbuckler of sorts, and he's the youngest general in the United Forces, which Bryan described as the Avatar-world equivalent of the UN.
- Seychelle Gabriel mentioned recording for Book Two in an interview, which means we'll see more of Asami next season.
- Rob Paulsen and Steven Yeun will be voicing presumably as-yet unseen characters; we don't know if they'll be in Book One or not.
- This will be the final showdown with Amon, as Mike has heavily implied that there will be a new antagonist next season.
- Episode synopses: Description from Zap2It: “Korra goes undercover as the war intensifies; Korra faces the Equalists’ mysterious leader as the war comes to a head.”
Description from TvGuide: “In the first-season finale, Korra goes undercover and learns a secret while her teammates go after the enemies’ stronghold. Then Korra confronts the enigmatic ruler of the Equalists.”
- Also, PJ Byrne did a Twitter session with fans via MTV - will edit the post with relevant tweets if they come up

Discussion topics:
1) How will Korra defeat Amon? Is the secret she discovers related to him (I think it will kind of have to be)?
2) Do you see any of the characters being killed off? What about bending removal - is it permanent? Will Korra lose hers? What about the other characters?
3) What is Amon's big plan and how is Hiroshi involved?
4) General Iroh - what role will he play in the story? Are he and Korra already acquainted? We know he's Zuko's grandson - is he also Aang's, through Bumi? What are your thoughts about him and his narrative significance?
5) How do you see things playing out between Asami and her father?
6) When and how will Tenzin return?
7) Do you think Korra will go into the Avatar State? What about airbending?
8) On the shipping front, it seems fairly evident that Mako and Asami are finished and Mako and Korra will eventually get together. How do you think this will happen?
9) Will we see Katara again? What about Zuko (this comment from Bryke's WSJ interview implies otherwise, sadly)? Kya? Bumi? Other as-yet unseen Gaang offspring?
10) The return of Gommu/Sparkly Sparkly Bush Man was a surprise for many. Which other characters do you think we might see again? (My money is on Skoochy from episode three; the interactive game said he was an earthbender, which we got no indication of on the show.)
11) Lin! How is she doing without her bending? And what about Tarrlok?
12) Anything else you'd like to talk about?

Have at it! Let me know if I've forgotten anything.
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